Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bosco -- ADOPTED!!!!

This is sweet Bosco. The first thing I'm going to have to say about him is he doesn't know that he isn't a 5-10 lbs dog. He LOVES laps. He will readily jump up on the bench next to you and cuddle up in your lap. You see, he happens to be a big cuddle bug. And he is just awesome at it.

The "little" lap dog :-)

Bosco is a Lab/Hound mix who is probably a bit under a year old. From his pictures you can see that a bit of his gorgeous black fur is missing from his face. He has recently developed a very treatable, non-infectious type of mange called demodectic mange. He is currently being treated at the shelter and should have his face hair back soon.

Happy face!!!

None of this, however, prohibits him from being the most loving little sweetheart one could hope for. He loves giving kisses and getting affection, but he also loves playing! Although he doesn't seem super interested in chasing toys when they are thrown, he does love running around. I got the good fortune of getting to play/watch him play in the grassy pen and recorded it. He's hilarious!!!

Bosco does nicely on his leash and seems to do well with other dogs. Although he doesn't want to play with them at all times, he is very very gracious about letting them play with him. He has very good canine manners, but he definitely prefers a human by his side.

Kisses for Ryan!

He also is very good at his "sit". He does it immediately when asked and is very patient about waiting for you to give him his treat.

A very good sit.

Bosco is honestly one the most loving and enthusiastic-to-be-with-you dogs I've met. He's definitely that dog that will be waiting with a smile and kisses at the front door for you to get home.

Wins the "most loving" award!

Bosco is looking for his best friend, so if you would like to meet him, he is in Kennel 7.

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